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how much your ac coils worth at the scrap yard

how much your ac coils worth at the scrap yard

Air Conditioner Value - Scrap Metal Forum

Sep 22, 2015· Air Conditioner Value | Scrap Metal ... I have been wondering what the copper/aluminum cores from central-house-air-conditioning systems are worth per pound as scrap. ... in with compressors,where we got em,and when we drained them.times keep changing .i think its funny this particular yard makes you sign a form for air conditioners and ...

Aluminum Radiators Scrap Price $US / Lb United States ...

Apr 26, 2019· The prices displayed are three months old. To view real-time prices,Subscribe to our pricing services

Scrap Prices in ia - United States, ia Scrap Yards

The prices listed below are state averages paid by scrap yards in ia state, United States. "Average Price" indicates the average price paid by all scrap yards. "High Price" indicates the average for the highest prices paid by all scrap yards. "Low Price" indicates the average for the lowest prices paid by all scrap yards.

gonna scrap an old central AC unit tomorrow, anyone ever ...

May 12, 2012· Take the whole thing apart take the coil cut the u-tubes off with the steel plate. The coil is copper aluminum. Then separate your copper tubes from the steel. Its a lot of work for the 30-40 bucks your going to get. I wait til I have quite a few of them to make it worth it.

Compressors - Learn More About Scrap Metals

What Are Compressors From? Scrap Compressors or also sealed units can be scrapped a for a good price. Usually being similar to electric motor prices, the price of scrap compressors can vary by location, so be sure to contact the scrap metal yards in the area for the current scrap metal prices.

Scrap Metal Price List Columbus Ohio

Copper Prices - Aluminum Prices Columbus Ohio. #1 Bare Bright Wire: $2.15 #1 Copper Clean Copper: $2.00 #2 Copper Dirty Copper

How much copper is in your AC and what's it worth? -

Sep 22, 2011· In a 27 NEWSFIRST Investigation, we take apart an air conditioner and see how much copper is inside, then take it to a scrap yard to see how much money copper thieves can get.

scrapping a fridge, worth tearing it apart? - Pirate4x4 ...

Jul 07, 2012· My Folks fridge went out, and since I've got a recycling yard right next to my work, I told him I'd take it and scrap it over my lunch. I know a lot of the "professional" scrap guys will pull the motor out and the copper lines and stuff out, is all that worth it for just 1 fridge?

Window AC unit's scrap metal worth? | Springfield XD Forum

Feb 05, 2012· do scrap yards take air conditioners, how much can a scrapped ac get, how much can you get from a scrap ac, how much copper in window ac, how much is a window ac unit worth in scrap, how much is an ac unit worth in scrap, how to scrap a window air conditioner, scrap value window air conditioner, small air conditioner scrap yard, what is window ...

how much scrap metal is in a 3 ton hvac unit - BINQ Mining

Feb 16, 2013· How To Scrap An Air Conditioning Unit | Scrap Metal Junkie. The fan motors in large scrap air conditioning units … The only way to figure out how much metal there is in your AC unit is … I have a 3 ton outside a/c unit … »More detailed

Scrap Metal - Copper - Brass | Miami - Florida

Check the latest prices we offer for your scrap metal, including copper and brass. Call (305) 735-9559 to get the best prices for your scrap metals in Miami. ... AC COILS . CLICK HERE FOR PRICES . Call To Schedule a Pickup: (305) 735-9559 ... SCRAP METAL FLORIDA PRICES SERVICES ABOUT ...

Aluminum/Copper Coil (Dirty) - Current Scrap Prices

Learn more about Rockaway Recycling and our family owned and operated scrap yard. Where we came from and where we're going. Testimonials From Customers; ... Historical Prices for Aluminum/Copper Coil (Dirty) ... View All Scrap Prices. Air Conditioners will have Aluminum/Copper Coils inside of them to help regulate the temperature along with the ...

Scrap value of old gas furnace? - Forums

Dec 06, 2015· Scrap value of old gas furnace? ... If there's any copper or brass in it that'll be worth something, but sheet metal and steel? Not so much. Dec 5th, 2015 7:39 pm #3; AwCrimety Member ... Prices vary by scrap yard, but the yard I use charges $70/ton (2000lbs) or $0.035/lb

Current Scrap Metal Pricing, CMC Recycling Orlando FL

CMC Recycling in Orlando is a full-service metals recycler welcoming all commercial and industrial businesses, brokers, dealers, and individuals looking to sell their scrap metal. From old and unwanted appliances to industrial metal waste, we buy it all! Turn your trash into CASH! Please see below for a full list of our current metals pricing.

Scrapping an Old Central Air Conditioner: Is It Worth the ...

Aug 07, 2014· While not everyone has the time, resources or ability to scrap their old central air conditioners, they are still worth money even if they are sold to a scrapyard as a sealed unit. It's a great way to avoid any fees that you may be charged for the removal of these units, and you might even be able to pocket some money, too.

Special Rules for Air Conditioner Coils or Condensers - Scrap

Special Rules for Air Conditioner Coils or Condensers. It is a Class A misdemeanor (and possibly other criminal offenses) for a scrap metal dealer to pay cash to a person who presents an air conditioner evaporator coil or condenser, in whole or in part, for sale as scrap, or for such dealer to make payment of any kind at the time of the transaction.

how much can i scrap a ac car condenser-xinhai global

Jan 22, 2017· Scrapping a Central Air Conditioner and AC Coil for Cash This is my process I go through to make the most money I can from these central air : uberism81 Contact US how much your ac coils worth at the scrap yard

how much are big a.c. units worth in scrap metal - BINQ Mining

Apr 25, 2013· Metal Recyclers Scrap, Scrap Metal Yards Melbourne, Scrap Metal 25 Mar 2013 … If you are stuck with having to deal with a pile of scrap metal at you … is that generally small bit of scrap are not always worth a pile of cash.… on how much you can expect to get by using our handy scrap metal price calculator. …. We go through a step by step process with each an every AC unit we recover.

Advice on scrapping old air conditioner/gas furnace ...

Feb 25, 2011· Homeowner insurance granted replacement of the AC unit due to hail damage so I decided to install a heat pump and scrap the ancient gas furnace as well. I understand these A/C units are valuable for scrap, especially the cooling coils because they contain a high amount of copper. Have no idea what the old gas furnace is worth as scrap.

How much can you expect for a scrap central air unit and coil

How much can you expect for a scrap central air unit and coil? ... Scrap Metal is worth anywhere from 10¢ per pound and above, depending on what you are selling. ... Matters what your scrap yard ...

Copper much money is that really worth ...

Jun 14, 2012· Between $3-$4 a pound depending on the daily price of scrap. Your average home outdoor A/C coil can weigh 15-20lbs. ... There is no way a scrap yard can know for sure if what they are taking in is stolen or not. They are not the police, they have no investigation skills ... Copper much money is that really worth? (Page 1 of 2)

Aluminum/Copper Coil (Clean) - Current Scrap Prices

If you need current scrap prices, be sure to check our full list of scrap prices and materials with pictures on our website. Rockaway Recycling can provide container and scrap metal pick up services for your aluminum/copper coil and other HVAC equipment like generators and copper tubing in the Tri-State area.

Extruded Aluminum (clean) Recycling in LA

These profiles have a wide range of applications. Since the metal itself is highly malleable and at the same time strong, durable and lightweight, extruded aluminum is used in vehicles and aircrafts, in air conditioning and cooling systems, and for producing tubes and panels. Greener Recycling scrap yard purchases extruded aluminum.

What to do with my Old AC Unit? Scrap it? -

Apr 06, 2016· I was wondering what I should do with my Old AC unit. I am getting a new one installed and since I own my old one, I don't see it right for the installation company to be "taking it off my hands for me", so I was going to dispose of it myself. I have the old R-22 Freon, how would I go about getting someone to reclaim that from the unit, since I know they sell refurbished R-22, as I'd been ...

How to Recycle an Old Air Conditioner - Trustway Metal

How to recycle an old air conditioner? When recycling an old air conditioner, it is best to carefully take it apart. Air conditioner scrap is valuable to scrap collectors. Many copper aluminum coils can be collected from old air conditioners and are very valuable. Scrap yards are a great place to sell the air conditioner scrap as well.

Scrap old unit : HVAC - reddit

If you feel so inclined call your local scrap yard and get a price for copper aluminum fin coils, number 2 copper and tin, they May give you a better price for the compressor and fan motors if you seperate them from the rest of the tin, for example copper alum coils here are around 1.15 to 1.20 for clean (no end plates or galvanized metal on ...

How to Scrap a Heating/Cooling Unit for Metal | Career Trend

One residential air conditioner contains the equivalent of 250 empty aluminum cans worth of aluminum." Despite the profitability of selling the scrap metal of a heating or cooling unit, however, it is important to know that these units contain the refrigerant chemical freon, which is very hazardous if inhaled and illegal to be released into ...

How Do You Scrap An Air Conditioner? - Find Scrap Yards ...

Oct 05, 2016· How Much Did You Get? Obviously, depending on the current state of the market you should receive between $15-20 total for your air conditioner taken apart for scrap. If you had left the unit as a whole, you would probably only get around $3-5. So if you collect a few air conditioners at a time for scrap, you could be tripling your earnings at your local scrap yard when taking them apart.

A/C scrap value? - Pirate4x4.Com : 4x4 and Off-Road Forum

Oct 29, 2010· Also is the indoor gas furnace and blower worth anything in scrap? Am I better taking the valuable stuff off or just scrap the unit as a whole? I know people were stealing a/c for the copper so I figure they have to be worth something and the a/c company said I can keep the old one if I want.

How to Scrap an Air Conditioner? | A/C Scrap Metals

Contact Capital Scrap Metal to find out how to scrap an air conditioner! Air conditioners contain a number of different materials such as aluminum, copper, wiring, and electric motors. All of these are great for scrapping. It could be beneficial to take your air conditioner apart prior to …